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“I am so pleased with my new smile. At first I was a bit anxious about getting my teeth done and with it involving going to Turkey. Best Dental made me feel at ease and made the process so simple. It’s one of the best things I’ve done and the location in Fethiye (Turkey) was beautiful.” Steven Jones

“Gr8 service and thank u for my new smile 😀 !!” Joanne Walters

“Fantastic. The Best Dental team are very friendly, organised and patient. A great company. Would highly recommend.” Tony

“The dental clinic in Turkey is gorgeous, the staff are very friendly and my teeth look amazing now.” Lacey Peters

“Me and my partner both got our teeth done and it has been a great experience. The team are friendly, accommodating and helpful. They helped with flights and with the packages we both got our hotel paid for and transfers. Would 100% recommend to anyone considering getting their teeth done.” Sophie

“Great service, fantastic clinic and an amazing experience. Would highly recommend!!” Mark

“From start to finish Best Dental were there for me by my side and extremely helpful and reassuring. I was quite worried about getting my teeth done at first but now I really don’t know what I was worrying about as they made everything so seamless and offered a tremendous experience.” Lucie Pearson

“They say you get what you pay for, but with Best Dental this is not the case. This is the cheapest price I could find for a smile makeover. I paid just over £2000 for a smile makeover as well as getting my accommodation and transfers included in the price!! I couldn’t believe it when they first quoted me and thought it seemed to good to be true but I was wrong. The team are very very helpful, the transfers were on time and the hotel was lovely. The dental clinic were very polite and professional and now I really do have something to smile about with my new smile makeover.” Jason Finn
“I was told about Best Dental through a friend who had used them before and everything she told me she was right. The staff are very polite and professional and the prices are unbelievable. Having gotten a quote in the UK and then from Best Dental the price was almost £10,000 cheaper and I got a holiday out of it with free transfers and accommodation. Fantastic, would highly recommend.” Tia

“Very efficient and organised. Staff are great, especially Yunus at the clinic. Thank you to everyone. Fantastic!!” Connor“Love the final result I now have a nice smile. They’re able to offer you the perfect smile for such a small cost compared to other Dentists I’ve seen in the UK and Turkey. Not only was the price good, I was also able to get my hotel and transfers paid for too which was another added bonus. Great service and great company to deal with.”  Jayne Richards
“I dealt with Heather throughout this process who was very professional, polite and organised. He always came back to me when he said he would and was very thorough in explaining the process so I knew exactly how it all worked. I was a bit sceptical about going to Turkey at first but speaking to Heather helped me with that and after having my teeth done now I feel the happiest I’ve felt in a long time. Thank you Heather & Best Dental.” Helen Mathers
10/10. My life has changed dramatically at a very small cost.” Liam Parkinson

“Really great service and prices they offer. I’ve not been able to find a price as good as this anywhere. Best Dental are very professional and although they’re quite busy they still always find time for every customer and remain organised through the whole process. Great service… 5*!!!” Joanne Nixon

“Great company that offer great prices for a great smile.”Liam

“Not only have I now got teeth that I’m happy and confident with, I’ve also experienced one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. I’ve always debated going to Turkey but Fethiye is truly amazing. The whole of the dental team are great and very professional. Thank you!!” Jasmine Mason
“Absolutely wonderful. The Best Dental team are friendly and very nice. The surgery is clean, modern and surrounded by the beautiful sights in Fethiye. Very happy with my new teeth!” Alisha
“Thank you Best Dental & Heather for all your help. Great results from a wonderful company.” Tim Barnes
“The experience has been amazing. The staff are so polite and accommodating. I felt very little pain and would highly recommend to anyone looking at getting their teeth done. Thank you Best Dental”
Holly S
“I was kept informed throughout the treatment and process which helped me a lot. It kept my mind at ease as at first I was slightly worried about going through with this. But its a decision I’m glad I made. Fantastic service and great results.” Amanda

“I never thought a new smile would change my life the way it has but it has made me feel so much better in myself, more confident and improved my self esteem. Nice easy company to deal with as well.” Neil

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  1. Professional from start to finish.Appointment made quickly, easy to find (and park the car) Dentist spoke English and was very gentle. Very happy with the service. I highly reccomend them.

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