Dental Veneers in Turkey

Are you tired of not being able to smile on the photos? Are you also afraid of losing your teeth while getting an aesthetic dental treatment? Then full porcelain veneers may be the right treatment for you to gain your smile and confidence back without getting your teeth shaved too much.

Our foreign patients have received their veneers in Turkey at our dental clinic in Istanbul since 2003. When you travel to our dental clinic to have veneers in Turkey, you will:

  • receive veneers from the highest qualified specialists
  • be treated in a modern and hygienic clinic
  • be provided the best dental solutions available
  • be offered affordable prices
  • get full assistance in every step you take
  • be helped in your booking, hotel and travel
  • gain fabulous memories of  Turkey.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are often used in case of aesthetical dental problems. Especially, when the front teeth are aesthetically problematic, full porcelain veneers can be applied to get the perfect and natural look. Please be aware of the fact that veneers can be made from different materials such as composite or full porcelain. At your clinic, we only apply full porcelain veneers as they are durable, have a natural look and do not exhibit any stains.

Who Can Get Dental Veneers at Our Clinic in Turkey?

In our dental clinic in Turkey, we perform the treatment with the help of CAD/CAM digital design. Possible reasons for full porcelain veneer treatment are:

  • Heavy stains which cannot be removed by cosmetically teeth whitening
  • An alternative to an orthodontic treatment of tooth gaps or crooked teeth
  • Fractured, damaged teeth
  • Problems with the positioning of the middle teeth or with the tooth extraction

Advantages of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are one of the most common treatments of aesthetic dentistry and offer many advantages:

  • Only a slight loss of tissue, often there is no anesthesia needed.
  • We can perform the treatment at our clinic in Turkey very quick so that you do not lose any time.
  • Compared to other materials, full porcelain is more durable.
  • Transparent and natural look.
  • The porcelain is tightly bonded with the teeth enamel.
  • No discoloration even after many years.
  • The emergence of plaque is very rare.
  • The porcelain will not be influenced by discoloring substances such as coffee, tea or nicotine.
  • Minimally invasive to the teeth.
  • Pick the color you like (white snow, more natural or something else).

Dental Veneers from Turkey – Stages of the Treatment

(1) Scheduling

We examine the respective teeth and inform you about the necessary course of treatment.

(2) Preparation of the teeth

We prepare the teeth for the veneers and take necessary measures with the impression. Then our in-house lab digitally scans the impression. This way, we produce a digital picture of your mouth and design your smile accordingly. Digital scanning gives precision and accuracy and allows our in-house lab work on more the aesthetic parts of the veneers.

(3) Rehearsal

After the lab completes the veneers, we first do a rehearsal session. During rehearsal, we discuss the shape and color of the teeth with you one more time. Then, lab works on the adjustments requested by the dentist and you.

(4) Fitting

After the lab finishes the final touches, we fit the veneers on top of your teeth.

(5) Check

If your schedule permits, we give you a day or two to try your new teeth before your departure from Turkey and come back for the last check. After the check, you are ready to enjoy your new smile.

After the treatment, you will get a perfect smile and gain your confidence back. This long-term investment will definitely pay off over the years.

You can easily use the porcelain veneers for many years, on condition that you stick to a thorough dental and oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. Furthermore, we recommend daily tooth cleaning with the help of dental floss.