Zirconium Crowns

What is Zirconium?

Are you tired of your metal-ceramic crowns that lost their aesthetic over the years? Is the health of your teeth getting worse, and are you looking for protecting your teeth as well as maintaining an aesthetic and natural look. The latest technology of Zirconium crowns might be the right treatment for you.

Similar to porcelain, zirconium is very aesthetic and highly durable. It is used as a foundation for ceramic dental fillings and enables working without a metal insert. With the help of zirconium crowns, we achieve very aesthetic and persistent solutions, hardly distinguishable from natural teeth. Unlike fillings and composite materials, zirconium crowns do not show purple-coloured stains. The ceramic foundation enables light to shine through, which results in a natural and aesthetic look.
Zirconium has biological and antiallergenic characteristics. Therefore, it can also be used for patients who are allergic to metal.

Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

  • Superior aesthetic results compared to metal-based ceramic restorations.
  • Indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure.
  • No purplish discoloration is seen in metal-based ceramic.
  • More natural and aesthetic appearance due to the ceramic, allowing light to pass through.
  • Safe for patients with metal allergies.
  • Bio-compatible material providing safe and secure use.

Whom Can We Apply Our Zirconium Crowns in Turkey?

Patients Who:

  • Suffer from extreme tooth loss.
  • Want to get a dental bridge.
  • Have problems with their front teeth.
  • Are looking for the best possible aesthetic solution.
  • Are allergic to metal.

Stages of the Treatment with Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

(1) Scheduling

We examine the respective teeth and inform you about the necessary course of treatment.

(2) Preparation and CAD/CAM-Treatment

We prepare your teeth for the CAD/CAM-treatment in our dental clinic in Istanbul and take the necessary measurements. Our in-house lab takes the measurements from the dentist, scans digitally and designs on CAD/CAM the structuring of your teeth. We reshape the teeth and prepare them for the treatment with zirconium. The customized dental crowns are stored for hardening in a special oven for 9 hours.

(3) Rehearsal

After the lab completes the crowns, we do one or two rehearsals of the new teeth. During rehearsal, we discuss the shape and color of the teeth with you one more time. Then, the lab works on the adjustments requested by the dentist and you.

(4) Fitting

After the lab finishes the final touches, we fit the crowns.

(5) Check

If your schedule permits, we give you a day or two to try your new teeth before your departure from Turkey and come back for the last check. After the check, you are ready to enjoy your new smile.

After the Treatment in Turkey

We recommend a daily mouth care, using a toothbrush and dental floss. You can avoid potential difficulties by visiting your dentist on a regular basis.

For further information on dental crowns feel free to contact our team in Turkey!